Anamorphic Kinetic | 2011

| video |

In 2011 a kinetic installation for the deutsche bank headquaters in Frankfurt had been realized on the basis of an anamorphic distortion of their logo. The logo had been designed by anton Stankowsky in 1974 and was a radical step towards simplicity and clarity in communication.
For the installation the logos central diagonal part had been sliced up into 48 triangles. The triangles hanging on wires and move vertically and rotate around two axes in a complex choreography with the help of motors .
in addition to the physical movement, the triangles serve also as a dynamic projection surface. this is achieved with video mapping, which involves a real-time analysis of the triangles’ spatial position based on the length of the wires holding them up, and the calculation of corresponding masks and generating anamorphically distorted images on the individual triangles. The content of the projection is connected with the movement of the triangles. For instance computationally generated lines flow across the moving triangles as if they were subject to the gravity that applies in the real world. This creates a link between the movements of the physical and the virtual objects.

The choreography alternates between projected and non-projected sequences. In the non-projected sequences, the physical movement is enhanced via controlled ceiling lighting, and an interplay between the illuminated triangles and the dark, overlapping shadows they cast on the floor.

The project was realized in conjunction with my friends and colleagues at ART+COM and Coordination. Special mention: Gert Monath, Christian Rieckoff, Sebastian Heymann and all technicians from MKT, Munich.