Reflective Kinematronic I - Cube | 2010

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Reflective Kinematronik is a series of kinetic installations that work with mirrors and light. The computer-controlled installations reflect the light over mirrors expanding the space. The visitors are also reflected in the mirrors and thus become part of the installation.
Reflective Kinematronik_I – Infinite Cube is spatially concentrated but simultaneously expansive kinetic installation. In a mirrored glass box, computer controlled stepper motors move 25 metal spheres up and down on a vertical axis. They follow a computational narrative that molds them into a fluid succession of abstract spatial shapes. These shapes are developed from the architectural language of the space or museum in which the installation is set up. The installation thus corresponds to its architectural environment, comments, interprets and reflects it, adding a dynamic spatial experience to the static exhibition gallery.
An optical illusion extends the apparently clear spatial confines of the installation to infinity. The glass box has semi-transparent mirrors on three sides, causing an infinite multiplication of the spheres. Viewers do not see 25 spheres, but a limitless expanse of space in which countless spheres are moving. The viewers themselves are also reflected in the installation, and their presence adds a further layer to the interplay of real and reflected space.