O2Sculpture | 2004

An 18-meter long media sculpture extends through the O2 store’s interior in Munich.
The installation begins in the entrance area with a reactive floor. By stepping onto this surface in summer, visitors activate virtual bubbles; in winter, this surface changes to virtual ice which they step onto and crack. Intuitively, visitors understand that the installation has a touch-sensitive surface which reacts to them. The sculpture then rises up from the floor and leads onto the horizontal surface of a table. The generated air bubbles or pieces of ice follow the flow, floating onto the table, where the users can interact with the products on display. Phones float across the table as virtual objects. by touching them, detailed information is released to the surface. Related phones are automatically pulled up from the depths.
The connected following floor segment can be explored in a playful way. In winter, footsteps leave tracks in the virtual snow; in summer they leave traces of light on the floor. The final part of the sculpture folds up the wall and shows generatively sequenced video collage.

Instead of limiting itself to a single presentation principle, the installation combines all three: reactivity(floor), interactivity(table) and auto-activity(wall). These together with a sculptural space-defining form of the media surface that change from a floor to a table to a wall, creates different situations that enable an appropriate display of contents in the appropriate form of engagement.

The project was realized in conjunction with my friends and colleagues at ART+COM. Special mention: Denis Pau, Patrick Kochlik, Dieter Sachse and the colaborators from Dan Perlman.