Duality | 2006

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"Duality" is a public art installation created for a office site in the centre of Tokyo.
The chosen location for the installation was a walkway linking an underground station to the adjacent residential and office complexes. It is a place of transit bordered by a large water basin, a kind of artificial lake.
This specific spatial situation provided the springboard for the concept. The interplay of “solid” (path) and “liquid” (water) was expanded by virtual waves of light on the walkway and real waves in the water.
White monochrome LED panels were installed in the walkway on an area measuring 4 x 4 meters and covered with sand-blasted opalescent glass. Load cells under the glass tiles measure the exact position and force of each footstep, triggering corresponding virtual ripples on the LED panel. When these ripples of light hit the edge of the lake, mechanical actuators seamlessly forward these patterns as physical waves in the water.

co-authors: jussi angeleva, amanda parks
commissioned and produce by nanjo associates, tokyo