Manta Rhei | 2012

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To expand the traditional light-fixture typology a luminaire had been developed based on the combination of mechanic motions and correlating light animations.
Manta Rhei as a first member of a kinetic luminaire family had been developed together with the berlin based light fixture manufacture selux. The luminaire consists of 14 1.2-meter long, flexible metal blades each of which carries ten OLED-modules. Thin steel wires attach the blades to small motors hidden in the ceiling. Being individually controllable these motors move them vertically and permit the 2.4-meter wide fixtures body to perform different movement patterns. The blades movements and the animations of the OLEDs are controlled both by a program that merges mechanical and light motions to a choreographed unity. One can select from pre-programmed choreographies with the help of a handheld, so that the light mood can be adjusted to different spaces and occasions.
The fixture makes use of minimalistic design language, and as a result it gives the impression of light freely hovering in space. Built of individually combinable modules, it can be scaled to different sizes.