SPHERES | 2008

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The inside of the new BMW museum is modeled after a city space with seven buildings surrounding a central plaza. To extend this central plaza a mediatecture had been designed. It was clear from the outset that the media surface is not seen as a giant screen but primarily as a dynamic facade. To achieve this transformation from a screen based video surface to a dynamical architectural surface all 700 square meters of the walls are completely covered with white LEDs. The LED layer is then covered with opalescent glass, hiding the technology and bringing familiar facade elements to the foreground.
 On one hand this mediatecture expands the space through moving three dimensional images, but it also sets the exhibited, "parked" cars into relative motion. the animated reflections on the cars surfaces also add to the sense of movement in the space.
The facades are illuminated with both abstract and figurative motifs. furthermore, when switched to reactive mode, the visual patterns react to the visitors' motion through the space with the help of a camera tracking system, suddenly making them active participants in the scenario.
Around 20 different illuminations are creating an environment that conjures up an atmosphere of technological and yet poetic and emotional dimensions.

The project was commissioned by the new BMW museum Munich and realized in conjunction with my friends and colleagues at art+com. Special mention: Gert Monath, Dennis Paul. In collaboration with Atelier Brueckner (architects and scenographers of the museum) and G-lec (LED supplier and montage)